“Being able to quantify the benefits or ecosystem services provided by the environment is a key element in achieving greater environmental awareness and protection.

However, this environmental awareness through the quantification of the benefits provided by the environment is not a theme or avenue of action that is being pursued in secondary schools.

In order to alleviate this lack and with the aim of contributing to a greater social awareness of sustainability and environmental protection, this strategic partnership of six secondary schools and two universities has designed a mechanism that provides the necessary tools to introduce this new approach to environmental awareness in the classroom.

To this end, four intellectual products have been created:

The first of them is the “MOOC for teacher training”, with this MOOC, any teacher who wants to work with this new approach can be trained, and then transfer to their classroom the importance of the benefits that the natural environment brings us and how we can measure them.


Once trained, if the teacher wants to carry out activities on the valuation of ecosystem services in their subject, they will have two tools to help them do so.

On the one hand, we have a learning platform (intellectual product 3) in which there are 24 activities designed for different branches of knowledge (Natural Sciences, Economics, foreign languages, Computer Science and Geography), which have already been carried out in the different member countries of the project and about which we include our experience testing them, as well as advice for those who want to carry them out in their educational centre.

(Educational platform with activities and resources on ecosystem services.)

On the other hand, an Android application (intellectual product 2) has been created to calculate ecosystem services for any location in Europe for a time horizon ranging from 1990 to 2018. With this tool, a multitude of activities and research can be designed based on the evolution of the benefits provided by the natural environment.

O2 – APP
(for the calculation of ecosystem services)

With the intellectual product 4 “Ebook of intergenerational dialogues on ecosystem services” we have tried to connect the future generation of our students with the generation that knows the most about our natural environment, the generation of our parents and grandparents. With this Ebook we want to build new knowledge from the knowledge of those who have gone before us. The Ebook serves as a tribute to our past generations.

(Intergenerational dialogue on ecosystem services)