About the platform

Despite the fact that we are increasingly aware of the benefits that nature provides us and of the negative consequences that climate change brings, there are very few tools to quantify these ES provided by the environment. In the educational field of secondary education, in spite of the fact that the curricula of the subjects increasingly include more content on environmental awareness and sustainable development, there are no activities to quantify nature contribution to people.

We believe that quantifying for appreciation is a fundamental pillar for achieving greater environmental awareness on the part of students. We also want students to understand the importance of ES in nature protection policies and spatial planning. We also want them to be aware that these ES are at the heart of the very identity of rural areas such as theirs, that it is the ecological heritage they inherit from their ancestors and that this is the tool they have to cope with climate change.

Our response to this need is an educational platform based  with a set of pilot activities and teaching resources that teachers can use to introduce this topic in the classroom.

Activities that will be included for these main topics:
  • ES identification in a region 
  • Mapping ES 
  • Valuation of provision services 
  • Valuation of regulation services 
  • Valuation of cultural services 
  • ES and our ancestors 
  • ES and the future: climate change