Teachers training in Greece

Teachers training in Greece – Plato School – Katerini
From April 6. to 9. our project partners met in Katerini, Greece. The host was the Plato School where they had three days of training.

This training activity was especially focused on the use of the APP and the web platform created in the project. This knowledge is necessary so that these technological resources can be
integrated into the design of the activities that will finally be included in the web platform. The conferences will be used to go deeper into the inclusion of new technologies in the
classroom, how to get the most out of them, and to show examples of good practices and successful projects that can serve as inspiration.

The training met all our expectations. We worked on intellectual outputs. A web educational platform was presented and all partners worked on digital tools that could be included in the content. We spent our free time socializing and having fun in beautiful Katerini.